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Education at Key Stage 3

KS3 is taught to in the first 3 years of secondary school. It sets out the subject areas covered and also how pupils are tested and the standard they should achieve.

The subjects taught are not that different to primary education although the level of achievement is higher and lessons more challenging. Citizenship is an addition to the to the curriculum at KS3.

All state run schools have a statutory responsibility to fulfil the requirements laid out by the National Curriculum.

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Tests and Assessments

At Key Stage 3 (post-primary Years 7, 8 and 9) the curriculum builds on the learning experiences that pupils bring from primary school. Pupils now attend classes in different subjects, and teachers typically teach specific subjects to pupils across the different Years.


Language and Literacy is a compulsory Area of Learning at Key Stage 3. It includes English with Media Education and encourages pupils to continue to develop their skills in talking and listening, reading, and writing.



Pupils develop and demonstrate this deeper understanding through creative and critical thinking, being flexible in their approach, solving problems and making informed decisions.

At Key Stage 3, Mathematics and Numeracy has two subject strands: Mathematics and Financial Capability.


Science and Technology is a compulsory Area of Learning at Key Stage 3. It has two subject strands: Science, and Technology and Design. This Area of Learning aims to stimulate pupils’ curiosity, enthusiasm and innovation.


The Foundation Subjects

Art & Design


Design & Technology




Religious Education

Sex & Relationship


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