Our Mission

Our mission statement encapsulates our dedication to safeguarding. It underscores our belief that providing a secure learning environment is not just a requirement but a fundamental part of our identity. Our mission is to close the educational inequality gap in education by providing inclusive services for all.

Our Purpose

To help people have greater opportunities to succeed in life. We do this by providing quality tutoring and training in a range of subjects as well as helping to develop personal growth, coping strategies and life skills. We stand by our values which are based on equal opportunities for all.

Our Values

The values we share are of importance to all of us and enable us to work towards the same goal.


Ensuring the right of every individual to equal treatment and opportunities, regardless of factors like gender, race and social position.

Personal Touch

We make ourselves available for every single person and group to make them feel special.

Honesty & Integrity

We are consistently truthful and sincere in all that we do.


We aim to do the right thing first time, producing the highest standard of service.

Growth Mindset

We do not believe skills and abilities are set in stone, they may start small, but they have the potential to grow huge.


We have high belief in the cause, know why you are doing it and the value of what you are doing.

Positive Attitude

This is our state of mind focusing on the good, bringing high energy and optimism.


Suite 1-2,
Broxbourne Business Centre

EM Skills Enterprise CIC (Trading as EM Tuition) – 10257474

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