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Key Stage 4 Tuition

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Education at Key Stage 4

In KS4 the curriculum is less defined. The 3 core subjects of English, Maths and Science must be taken by all pupils, along with Computing and PE. However, all other subjects are optional.

Most students will be taking GCSEs at this stage for at least the three core subjects.

All state run schools have a statutory responsibility to fulfil the requirements laid out by the National Curriculum.

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Tests and Assessments

Students should be able to access one course in each of an entitlement area at KS4 as an option.

  • The arts
  • Design and technology
  • The humanities (geography and history)
  • Modern foreign languages

Optional subjects for KS4 vary between schools and could include vocational study outside of the school.

GCSEs are very important, for many it is their entry into College or Sixth Form and in the future university. For many a grade 4 or above is required as entry into Further Education


GCSE English covers:
Analysing fiction, Analysing non-fiction, Comparing texts, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar and spoken language.


GCSE Maths covers:
Ratio, proportion and rates of change
Geometry and measure
Problem solving


Science and Technology is an Area of Learning in the post-primary curriculum. It is not compulsory for pupils at Key Stage 4, but schools must offer access to at least one course that leads to a qualification in this Area of Learning.



The Foundation Subjects

Art & Design


Design & Technology




Religious Education

Sex & Relationship


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